Philosophy of All Nepal

packThe philosophy of All NEPAL is to provide quality programs that are sound in concepts implemented by a competent and dedicated faculty and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation in knowledge and skills which are required to obtain entry level position in the medical arena. With your future in mind a “winning spirit” which promotes self esteem and viable career alternatives becomes the goal of everyone involved with ALL NEPAL. ALL NEPAL envisages a crucial role in improving the health status of people through the production of qualified and adept human resources. The institute trains and produces medium level health professionals with sound knowledge and skill on fundamental issues and full exposure to pragmatic aspects. It is committed to provide students a wide range of resources on subjects’ matters and overall facilities required for quality education. More importantly our faculties have made it their mission not to prepare excellent scientists teachers and health professionals but also to nurture lasting relationships and instill ethical and moral values. Also, the institutes reaffirm its commitment to abide by the rules and regulation mooted by Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC), Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC), Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) and the CTEVT.

image_1All NEPAL
is being managed by a group of Educationists, Scholars, Health Professionals and Social Scientists committed to build a sound efficient and productive academic institution for quality education through innovative and experiential learning methods in the field of health sciences. Since all the promoters of this institute are from governmental health agencies, pharmaceutical field analytical labs hospital settings the institution has more expertise in the field of pharmacy general medicine laboratory and nursing. Therefore we infer that graduates of these institutes will have a promising career ahead.