TSLC Vet. JTA 18 Months)

vetjtaTSLC in Livestock Production and Management /Animal Health course is designed for those who have passed SLC examination. This curriculum is designed for lower level human resources in the field of Livestock Production / Animal health services equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of technicians so as to meet the demand of such technician in the country
Aim: The aim of the programme is to produce Livestock Production /Animal Health Junior Technical Assistant (JTA) to provide services to the people & livestock sector of country. At the end of their training they may go for job at government, non-government, private sector or own business.


After completing this curricular program, the students will be able:

  • to keep livestock, poultry, fish as their own enterprise or they can go for job to the government semi government, privet or public sector
  • to explain sign symptoms and preventive measures of common diseases of kept animals
  • to produce hygienic milk, meat and other production from livestock, poultry and fish
  • to cultivate fodder and grass for livestock
  • to develop scheme for livestock enterprise
  • to run livestock farm as a assistant